Does Resveratrol prevent prostate cancer?

Research studies on resveratrol and prostate cancer have been promising. The researchers believe that the results justify future research on the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer with resveratrol.

The antioxidant seems to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, according to studies sponsored by the National Institute of Health in the United States. In subsequent studies on resveratrol and prostate cancer, the researchers included other phytochemicals, which are components of the plant with activity similar to that of resveratrol, but different from that of resveratrol.

Some phytochemicals inhibit the growth of cancer cells, while others cause them to kill themselves. Living cells are amazing things. You really would not believe everything that happens inside them every minute of every day.

Disease-causing pathogens enter and are often rapidly destroyed by free radicals. But while radicals protect cells from bacteria and other pathogens, they do not respond well to many other toxins. In response to the presence of a toxin, they begin to damage the cell membrane and increase the degradation of the cell’s DNA strands.

Antioxidants must be present inside the cells to neutralize free radicals. If there are very few antioxidants present, the damage can lead to the formation of a cancer cell. The prevention of prostate cancer by resveratrol is due, in part, to its antioxidant activity and its ability to neutralize free radicals.

To date, all studies related to the prevention and treatment of prostate cancer with resveratrol have been performed using cell cultures in the laboratory or animal models. It is often said that these studies do not mean that the same results will be seen in humans. However, most of the time, the results can be duplicated in humans.

When it comes to resveratrol and prevention of prostate cancer, there is no real way to “prove” its effectiveness. Think about it. How could you prove that something prevents this often deadly disease?

We have to look at the available news about prostate cancer resveratrol and make our decisions accordingly. Given that the best source of antioxidants is found in Spanish red wine, we have to weigh the negative effects that an excess of alcohol can have on the liver. But we could choose supplements instead.

Most health experts suggest supplementation when they talk about resveratrol and preventing prostate cancer anyway. Well-designed supplements allow more of the active ingredient to enter the bloodstream than when you drink red wine.

It is best to look for a supplement that has an enteric coating and contains other antioxidants, as well as enzymes that improve the activity of nutrients. That way, you can get the most out of the preventive effects of resveratrol prostate cancer. If you choose the right supplement, you can also get your daily requirement of basic vitamins and minerals, so you will not have to take too many supplements every day.

I am sure there will be more studies in the future on resveratrol and prostate cancer. The results probably vary. But one thing we know for sure is that antioxidants are good for us.

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